Why should new vehicles have tracking devices?

Buying your own vehicle is a pretty expensive affair, regardless of whether you buy a mid-range or a high end model. So it is obvious that you would want to take the maximum possible care of your vehicle. However stringent measures we may take to ensure that our vehicle runs optimally and is as safe as possible, due to unforeseeable circumstances we might fall short on our endeavour.


In today’s economy, repeated vehicle breakdowns and repairing activities can take a toll on your wallet. Add to that the propensity of car theft in the country, and you have brewed yourself a recipe for disaster. So, in order to make sure that your vehicle is safe, and its maintenance is taken care of in an efficient fashion, every new vehicle must have a vehicle tracking device embedded within itself.
The need of a tracking device, as mentioned before, is two-fold. First we talk about the cost saving functionality that is brought to the table by a vehicle tracking system. As the name suggests, a GPS tracking device helps in navigation, which allows you to chart out the most optimum routes from your source to destination, thus saving on operational costs. Along with that, it gives a detailed account of your fuel consumption, engine health, idling time: all factors that can amount to increased usage costs. So you can know if you are going overboard on your fuel usage, or the engine of your vehicle needs attention, or if you are indulging in excessive idling. With this information, you can keep a check on your vehicle handling and save big bucks.


Next, a main feature that is prominently needed in a vehicle tracking system is safety for your vehicle. And a GPS tracker superbly delivers on this front. Firstly, it allows you the real-time exact location of where your car is, so you can stay assured that your prized possession is exactly where it is supposed to be. Secondly, a GPS vehilce tracking system provides you with the ability to practice remote locking/unlocking and ignition on/off feature. So, in the event that you park your new vehicle in a seemingly unsafe area, you can breathe a sigh of relief that your car would be safe from theft, given that it would not be able to start without your permission.

Tracking devices also give you insights on the position of your loved ones. Whether your kids are off to school, or your dear ones are travelling by themselves late at night, you have the ability to ensure that they are secure and safe from any harm. The emergency SOS feature also amplifies safety, since the passengers can send distress calls in cases of any mishap or emergency. In this way, mitigation strategies can quickly be planned and relief measures can be undertaken straightaway by the concerned authorities.

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